Door of Hope Ministries

Church ministries in Sri Lanka, like those offered by Door of Hope Ministries, are designed to serve individuals and communities seeking a deeper relationship with God.


Our ministries provide services to help people grow in their faith, meet their spiritual needs, and support their overall well-being. Door of Hope Ministries offers programs for children that focus on teaching biblical values and principles, as well as nurturing their physical, emotional, and social development. This includes providing education, food, clothing, and medical care to underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. The ministry also provides food and shelter to those in need, including underprivileged children and families struggling to make ends meet. By addressing these fundamental needs, Door of Hope Ministries aims to promote overall well-being and help individuals and families thrive.

The church ministries of Sri Lanka also aim to address social issues such as poverty, inequality, and injustice by engaging in community development and humanitarian projects. Through these efforts, they seek to promote human dignity, equality, and social justice, while also sharing the love of Christ with those in need. Overall, the church ministries in Sri Lanka, including Door of Hope Ministries, provide a holistic approach to serving the spiritual and physical needs of individuals and communities. They strive to offer practical solutions and support to help people grow in their faith and live healthy, fulfilling live.

The Glorious Church exults in its calling to build the Kingdom of God locally, while fulfilling a mandate to spread the love of Jesus to the furthest corners of the world with signs and wonders following to build the body of Christ across the nations.